Visual Arts Third Quarter News

This 9 weeks our students learned about a variety of cultures around the globe.  Students enjoyed learning about Aborigines in Australia and made paintings using just Q-tips to imitate the indigenous style.  When studying India, they were introduced to India marriage customs and had the opportunity to create peacocks, elephants and henna hands.  When studying Japan, we made fish prints (Gyotaku) and drew anime figures.  During the week of the Chinese New Year students learned many words in Mandarin Chinese as well as gaining a greater understanding of the Chinese New Year.  During February, we studied and made African masks and learned more about the many cultures in Africa.  Additional countries studied include Russia and Mexico. 

For the past several weeks we have investigated the careers in art that exist and practiced story illustration, product design and ad development.  Fifth grade students have also created folders to review what they know as they prepare for their end of the year exams in Art. 

We have so many talented students here at Hungerford.  Please display your child’s art proudly.