Art News ~ Ms.Gfrorer
 In November, our students represented Hungerford at the Maitland Rotary art show at Lake Lily “Art under the Stars”.  During the 2nd quarter, students in grades K-2 made ceramics.  Fourth grade worked on a project brought to us by the Cornell Fine Arts Museum.  While students in grades 2-5 were all taken to the Cornell museum at no cost and enjoyed their show on contemporary African American artists, the fourth grade students were chosen to create poems or haiku (3 line poems) based on a favorite artwork from the exhibit, and then illustrate it using mixed media including collage.  To celebrate, parents of the fourth grade students were invited to  an afternoon event that celebrated the student work which was matted and framed.  Students enjoyed refreshments and received certificates and books inspired by the CFAM art collection.  
During our Kwanzaa celebration, the art from the CFAM project were displayed in the foyer.  Also on display were the mock-weavings based on the art of a variety of African tribes.  All grade levels worked on this project.  Some even painted the Ndebele houses that were displayed.  Kindergarten through second grade worked on African necklaces.  Other cultures studied this past semester included Mexico and France.    Looking forward, during the upcoming weeks we will look at a variety of other cultures including aboriginal art, Japan, China and Egypt.   Students will have their art displayed at the winter Park sidewalk Art Festival in March during the last weekend on Spring Break.  Please bring your children and view the art from our school.