The word “music” makes our world go around and we are playing instruments, dancing, performing hand clapping games and singing all kinds of music from around the world. Music makes us feel alive when we are successful and learn a different rhythm to play or clap with another person. Even pre-k is learning a song where they are partners with everyone in the room.  This helps the students in so many ways feel good about working with someone different, singing together and doing the motions at the same time. What a great feeling that is to be musically successful.

  March is “Music in our schools month” so this month we are trying to experience a lot of different instruments and styles of music. Even though we don’t have any bagpipes from Ireland, we are watching a little boy play the bagpipes on You Tube and we dance an Irish gigue as he plays. We use our technology to “fill in the gaps”.

            As Spring approaches, the third grade, fourth grade and the fifth grade are thinking about the Spring program at the end of the year. This year it will be “Hungerford’s Got Talent”.  The date this year is May 25th so put that on your calendar. We have so much talent here at our school and I can’t wait to see who “shines”.

            On May 25th, the staff at Hungerford is also going to be included in Hungerford’s Got Talent. There are some pretty talented staff members here as well as talented students.

            The fourth and fifth grade are working on a great song with their recorders and the third grade are going to be in the opening act which is a big “flag ceremony” represented with big red, white and blue scarves that move to the theme from the Olympics. We are going to have judges that will say something nice about each act. If your child can’t sing, please encourage them to dance, juggle or find a big costume and do something silly. Make sure it is funny so the judges won’t hit the button. It promises to be a lot of fun.

We will conclude with a special song from all the teachers at Hungerford so you don’t want to miss it. Thanks for your support of our Hungerford music program. See you at our “HGT”.

Ms. Amey
Music Teacher