Kindergarten classes have been very busy! We went to Gatorland in December and learned about alligators, rode the train, met exotic birds, petted an alligator and visited the petting farm. We will visit the Orlando Repertory Theatre in March to watch the Pete the Cat performance.

Parents can help their children succeed by working on ELA and math skills at home.


  • Read books aloud to your child.
    • Ask your child to identify the characters, setting and major events in the story.
    • Ask your child, “What happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story?”
  • Ask your child to read emergent books to your family.
  • Practice the sight words from lists 1-4.
    • Print the sight words in a spiral notebook or composition book.
  • Complete iReady Reading lessons
    • Login through
  • Visit your local library to check out books and attend school age programs.
  • Get your Virtual Library Card to read e-books!
    • Login with your Student ID number and PIN (student birthdate: YYYYMMDD)
    • Tumblebook Library:
    • Orange County Library System:


  • Count aloud from 1-100 and by 2’s, 5’s & 10’s to 100
  • Print numbers from 1-30
  • Identify numbers from 1-20
  • Practice adding and subtracting numbers to 10.
  • Complete iReady Math lessons
    • Login through

Mrs. Breen, Mrs. Voogd-Hill, Ms. Wright