4th Grade

                                                          FOURTH GRADE NEWS

Dear Parents/Guardians/Supporters!

We cannot believe how fast our fourth graders are up and rising fifth graders! They are all on their way to much success. We are letting you know that the Florida Standards Assessment is coming real soon.

LANGUAGE ARTS: WRITING/READING: The FSA for Language Arts will be administered on April 13th and 14th. We have been teaching the curriculum all year long and know they will do great. If you have been diligent in making sure that your child has been reading and practicing their work at home, then you should be confident that your child will do well. Please, Please, Please continue to READ every night for at least 30 minutes.

MATH: FSA for Math will be the week following the Language Arts assessment on April 20th and 21st. Students have already began review on previous standards taught at the beginning of the school year. Again, please be certain that your child is doing and trying ALL their homework!

Once more, please remember how important it is for your child to be in school every day and on time! It is very difficult to fully cover a lesson twice; so when your child is absent, your child suffers the loss of material being taught; as we do not have enough time to teach one on one. Uniforms, planners, reading logs, and reading material, and any other necessary school items are essential to the daily learning. Encourage and help your child daily and ensure they are in school.  It matters!

Future Events
Global Fair
End of the school year party

Thank you for your support,

Miss P. Gardner
Ms. Oliver
Ms. Snyderburn