3rd Grade

                                            THIRD GRADE NEWSLETTER-SPRING 2017


Honor Roll Students 3rd Quarter


Mrs. DeClou’s Class
All A’s : Phenix Gamble
A/B: Marquis Braddock, Brian Porter, Elijah Hoskins

Ms. Scott’s Class
All A’s: Tiana Washington, Janiya Gordon, Enzie McKenzie
Ethan Lacey, and Nathaniel Garcia

Ms. Slydell’s Class
A/B: Isabella Collazo, Love Givens, Makiyah Mosley

*There will be a field trip for those students who attend FSA Bootcamp all 4 days. We don’t know where yet, but wherever it is, it will be F-U-N, guaranteed!!!!

Third grade has been working very hard this school year, learning a variety of skills and strategies. We having been working very hard preparing for FSA and they have shown great progress. When we return from spring break, 3rd grade will be jumping right into testing.

FSA Reading: March 28th and 29th
FSA Math: April 11th and 12th

1. For FSA please make sure that your child goes to bed early.
2. They should be here early to have breakfast
3. Be on time to test with their class

Since the beginning of the school year our students have been reading many books to help increase their stamina for reading long passages. They are still expected to continue reading chapter books, even after FSA. They are to read a book every night for at least 30 minutes. They must also read a chapter book over the weekend and be prepared to test on Monday the latest is Tuesday. The more they practice reading the better they become at it and the more they will enjoy going to different places using their imagination. Please continue to support them at home.

Stepping Up To 4th Grade
As we are quickly approaching the end of the school year, after FSA we will be preparing the students for 4th grade. We will be introducing them to some of 4th grade curriculum, so that they will be aware of the expectations in the next grade level.

Global Fair
Global Fair is back this year. It’s on May 26, 2017. You will get more information about it as we get closer to the date.

Summer School
Summer school will be offered to our students. Please take advantage of it. It’s an opportunity to continue to improve on mastering certain skills and strategies in a more relaxed setting.

Thank you for all of your help and encouragement at home.
3rd Grade Team:
Ms. DeClou
Ms. Slydell
Ms. Scott