2nd Grade


Dear Hungerford Family,

Second graders are continuing to improve their reading comprehension skills by readdressing the standards and deepening understanding of fiction and nonfiction by answering higher order questions in complete sentences and writing in response to text information. In math, most students have mastered measuring skills in both customary units and metric units. We will be addressing telling time using analog and digital methods after spring break. In science, we are finishing our unit on the uses of energy and differences between nonrenewable and renewable energy sources. In February, we explored the many contributions made by African Americans in the arts, sciences and industry to celebrate Black History Month.

Our grade level was fortunate enough to participate in Dramatic Disney at the Eatonville Library. Students were taught the basics of dramatic and musical theatre and actually put together their own one-act play. They did a wonderful job and seemed to really enjoy it.
As we approach the last marking period, we want to encourage students to continue reading and challenging themselves to tackle more difficult text; both fiction and nonfiction. It has been a great year, and we appreciate all the support from our Hungerford families!

Second Grade Team