1st Grade

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First Grade News

We have been learning some exciting and challenging skills in math these past couple of months.  Your child is learning many addition and subtraction concepts.  In the upcoming weeks, they will be introduced to counting money using pennies, nickels, and dimes. Please continue to work at home with your child on the weekly math homework assignments.

Our first graders are learning a variety of skills to increase their writing abilities.  Students are identifying proper nouns, understanding the characteristics of a statement, and identifying sentences that ask questions correctly. They are learning to use details in their sentences to support an idea. Our students are now writing multiple sentences to express complete thoughts.

In science, we are learning about various objects in the night sky, how magnifiers work, and the effects of gravity. Take a few moments to look at the moon and stars with your child.

In social studies, our students have learned important facts about Dr. Martin Luther King, and will be attending the annual Zora Neal Hurston Festival.

Our first graders continue to focus on the Florida State Standards, some of which include story structure, sequencing of events, and identifying the main topic and key details in a text. Students can use text evidence to respond to questions using a graphic organizer. Your child is using Close Reading strategies to help them think more critically in reading and math. All students that have been making their weekly AR goal have been enjoying many treats and goodies.  Please make sure that your child is reading their AR book every night to ensure that they get a treat as well.

First Grade Team