1st Grade


Our first graders are learning a variety of skills to increase their writing abilities. They are learning to use details in their sentences to support an idea. Our students are now writing multiple sentences to express complete thoughts.
In science, your child has developed an understanding of the different Properties of Matter, and Motion as it relates to movement and speed, push and pull. We are now working on Living and Non-living things, plants and animals.

In social studies, our students have learned important facts about Dr. Martin Luther King, and attended the annual Zora Neal Hurston Festival. They have spent time learning about how notable African American’s have had a positive influence in our American culture.

Our first graders are also learning the Florida State Standards including story structure, sequencing of events, and understanding text evidence using graphic features. Students that have been making their weekly AR goal have been enjoying many treats and goodies. Please make sure that your child is reading their AR book every night to ensure that they get a treat as well.